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a pillar of propriety and a paragon of protocol

120mm, 3d glasses, abandoned buildings, absurdism, accordians, adaptation, ancestral memory, ancient civilizations, antique photographs, antique toys, aquariums, archaeology, architecture, art, asymmetry, autumn, band marino, band of the name, bats, bear country, beneficial insects, benjamin curtis, bicycles, biology, birds & bugs, bjork, block prints, bookmaking, breaking and entering, cameras, carnivals, carnivorous plants, casinos, cellos, cephalopods, chinchillas, cinamatography, classic cars, commercial photography, costumes, cross-processing, david attenborough, david lachapelle, depth of field, diagrams, diane arbus, dinosaurs, dodger, dollar theatres, driving aimlessly, dumpster diving, ecosystems, elephants, embordery, empty houses, entrepreneurship, fashion, flea markets, flora & fauna, florida, folklore, found objects, garage sales, gardening, ghost towns, gummo, harmony korine, indian reservations, jellyfish, jim henson, junk shops, laundrettes, le petit prince, lemurs, letter art, libraries, lockpicking, lomo, lomography, macro photography, mail art, marionettes, medium format, mini golf with themes, mixed media, modest mouse, music, mythology, nature photography, needlework, neil gaiman, ocean exploration, oceanography, old cameras, onomatopoeia, oragami, owls, palindromes, patsy cline, penguins, people watching, phil elvrum, photography, pinhole cameras, poleroids, printmaking, psychology, puppets, radiohead, record players, roadtrips, roaring twenties, root beer, runnamucks, sally mann, scooters, second-hand books, secret places, sideshows, silent films, small souvenir shops, stanley donwood, stella, sushi, symbiotic relationships in nature, the brothers quay, the little prince, the microphones, the ocean floor, the state, thrift stores, timbers shivered, toy cameras, trains, traveling, tree forts, tree houses, tresspassing, typewriters, unedited fairie tales, unicornacopia, urban exploration, wanderlust, web design, wedding photography, wprk, yard sales, yip-yip, zoology